New & used available. Stock is based on demand. Innerspace can order most regulators from it’s suppliers. If there is something specific you would like, please call to inquire.

oceanic fdxi zeo

The pneumatically-balanced ZEO is an engineering marvel of precision, durability and comfort. Its durable chrome-plated marine brass metal valve delivers a phenomenal breathing experience, improves cold-water performance and helps recirculate moisture from exhalation to prevent dry mouth.

scubapro mk11 c370


The balanced diaphragm MK11, with its chrome-plated brass body specially designed to reduce size and weight, is an ideal travel companion. Its system features internal parts that are sealed from the elements.

Sherwood Magnum pro

The new Sherwood Magnum Pro is a completely new designed second stage for better breathing performance, stability, and durability.The Magnum Pro is now a pneumatically balanced 2nd stage regulator. 

Mares Rover

This entry-level regulator from Mares offers excellent breathing performance and reliability at a price that cannot be beat.