PIEPS Probe Aluminum

Special Speed-Cone for quick extension – Quick closing latch for reliable locking and efficient assembly of the probe – Coating for perfect grip – even with winter gloves – Centimeter-scale to estimate burial depth and for snow profiles – Easy to fixate with Velcro strap – Space saving collapsible.

PIEPS Probe Carbon - Info 1

On-Spot Probing
The PIEPS probe is designed to validate a prior pin-pointing and additionally to determine the position of a buried victim. Together with an avalanche transceiver and an avalanche shovel it belongs to the recommended standard avalanche safety gear of mountaineers or mountain rescuers.

PIEPS Probe Carbon - Info 2

After pin-pointing an avalanche transceivers indicates the closest distance to the transmitting beacon.This is perpendicular to the surface of the snow. Grid shaped probing: Using a distance of 40-50 cm while plunging with the Probe in a shape like a grid. Once the victim is hit with the probe, keep it in this position in the snow (guidance). Start shoveling from the side to the body (A: burial deep = distance for start).

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zuYSrr0mj4E]