Safety Gear

Unfortunately, you can never be certain you won’t run into difficulty, even if you are just out for a short paddle. This is the ultimate safety kit for any kayak, canoe or small boat.


The Classic Fox 40 Safety Whistle is the original and still the standard choice for rescue professionals. Sometimes you have to be heard to be rescued.


4 Key Safety Items and Two New Colours in 1 amazing product. Its a Buoyant Heaving Line, Bailing Bucket, Signaling Device, and Hi-Viz Reflector. Meets Coast Guard regulations for Human-Powered Boats under 19'-8" or 6m.


21″ Kayak Pump with orange exterior float. Stainless steel piston rod for strength and durability


Don't take a bath in your boat! A swamped craft is as dangerous as it is uncomfortable. The floating NRS 21" bilge pump can bail out your boat and bail you out of a bad situation in no time.