Innerspace FREE Kayak & SUP Demo Event May 11 & 12 @ Wood Lake

Innerspace Watersports Annual Kayak Demo is back! Try all makes and models of kayaks, SUP, canoes & inflatables. The best way to try before you buy!

2017 Pre-Spring Kayak + SUP Sale @ Innerspace Watersports Kelowna Vernon BC


Pre-Spring Kayak Sale – As winter’s end is near, it is time to prepare for the upcoming paddle season! Come and see the latest brands and models. Save tax on any 2017 boats.


Pre-register for scuba lessons before winter’s end and get a $200.00 gift card toward the purchase of equipment. Don’t miss out on this great savings opportunity!




2016 Kayak & SUP Rentals @ Kalamalka Lake Vernon BC by Innerspace Watersports

Rain or shine – it’s still summer !!! Enjoy fun for the whole family by taking the opportunity to try out stand-up-paddle boarding or kayaking at our rental facility at Kalamalka Lake Public Beach in Vernon, BC.

2016 Innerspace Watersports Watercraft Rental Info

2016 Malone Auto Racks – Trailers – Storage – Accessories @ Innerspace Watersports Kelowna Vernon BC

2016 Malone Auto Racks - Trailers - Storage - Accessories @ Innerspace Watersports


Riot Recreational Kayaks @ Innerspace Watersports Kelowna Vernon BC

WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF RIOT KAYAKS – With Riot kayaks you can experience the world from a different perspective; be it a quiet ride, a day on the water, a long trip, or conquering a bigger river and everything that lies in between.We also believe that the equipment you use matters because these precious moments should be enjoyed with a craft that doesn’t compromise on quality, gear, or safety. That is why, in virtually all the products we offer at any price point, you will find that our boats are better designed and better equipped.

Recently, Riot also launched an extensive line of thermoformed kayaks for people that are looking for lighter, faster, and, let’s face it, nicer boats. With that in mind, get out there and enjoy!

Riot Kayaks

Riot Kayaks2

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Aquaglide Blackfoot Angler SUP @ Innerspace Watersports Kelowna Vernon BC

While named after the legendary Blackfoot River in Montana, our rugged inflatable SUP will effortlessly help you paddle to your secret fishing spot on your favorite river or that remote lake nestled in the woods.

With 6 Scotty® mounts within arms-reach, the Blackfoot can be outfitted to tackle any angling mission on your bucket list. D-rings in all the right places make strapping down a cooler or milk crate loaded with your tackle boxes a cinch and stability isn’t a concern given its 36″ width can handle loads of up to 450 Lbs with ease. Industry leading stiffness, which is crucial for efficient paddling and casting, is forged through the use of premium grade drop-stitch combined with our proprietary Powerstrip™ material. As an added bonus, the teak colored EVA top deck- it is designed with a special micro slitted texture to help with reduced slipping.


The Blackfoot Angler ISUP board should be inflated to 14 – 18 psi for optimum performance. As a final touch, we used the US finbox system which allows you to change out or replace the fin by visiting the first paddle store you see. Once the day’s catch is packed in the cooler for the ride home, simply deflate, roll up, slide it into its backpack and throw it in the backseat or trunk. Includes Crossroads: DLX Backpack and Red Double Action Pump. 

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Aquaglide SUP Paddles – Focus – Vector – Rhythm @ Innerspace Watersports Vernon Kelowna BC

Aquaglide has been a leader in SUP paddle technology for several years. The FOCUS adjustable aluminium paddle offers great durability and value. The VECTOR adjustable offers amazing value and performance in a carbon shaft paddle. The extremely popular RHYTHM adjustable paddle provides outstanding performance and light weight that is surpassed only by the full carbon construction of the RHYTHM CARBON un-cut paddle.

Aquaglide Focus – Focus paddles offer durability, performance and outstanding value. With a high quality 6061 T6 aluminum shaft and injection-molded Power-stroke blade these paddles provide the well-balanced performance and durability required for evolving paddlers.


Aquaglide Vector – With the power of our large blade series and the benefits of Red Feather Carbon construction, Power-stroke paddles are designed for anyone who appreciates the light weight and quick reflex response of carbon fiber.


Aquaglide Rhytm – The company combined their Red Feather Carbon shaft with the new smaller sized, high cadence Rhythm blade for incredible performance and value. The blade offers a smaller face and less resistance for increased paddle stroke cadence.


Aquaglide Rhythm Carbon – Paddles that offer the benefits of a Superlight carbon shaft combined with a Rhythm carbon blade to produce the lightest, most efficient paddles in the range. Superlight shafts are Flex-Optimized to use reflex response for maximum stroke efficiency.

rhythm carbon_wp

2016 Aquaglide Blackfoot Angler Kayak HB @ Innerspace Watersports Kelowna Vernon BC

Adventure is calling. Aquaglide kayaks have changed the way people think about inflatables. By combining thoughtful, purpose-built designs with exciting new technologies. Aquaglide has created a new breed of water craft never before possible: Performance that fits perfectly with your lifestyle and which inspires the confidence to pursue your next adventure, wherever it may lead.

Capacity for 2, but designed as a very spacious 1 person boat for technical angling at its finest! The Blackfoot HB Angler XL premium model includes Blackfoot fishing cooler and 7 Scotty fittings. This inflatable kayak can be completely customized to tackle the wildest angling missions of your dreams. Industry leading stiffness, which is crucial for efficient paddling and casting, is forged through the use of premium grade drop-stitch combined with proprietary Powerstrip™. The commercial-grade Duratex™ hull construction provides long-lasting performance while the forward Splash-Guard™ helps keep you dry while you paddle to your secret fishing spot.


With sturdy molded handles positioned around the boat you will be able to board the boat easily and quickly. As a final touch, we provide you with a mounted Rugged Core™ seat on a removable, raised platform for a higher seating position. Equipped with a high backrest, mesh storage pocket, integrated fishing-rod holders, fore and aft support straps and an infinite adjustment system not only will you be able to paddle efficiently but you’ll be able to do so in absolute comfort.


The Blackfoot Angler comes with a high-performance fin system includes a stiff, durable, foiled fin with unique quick-release for easy setup. Convenient backpack travel bag included. Specs: 12’8″ L x 39″ W (386 cm L x 99 cm W) – Weight: 38.1 lbs (17.3 kg) – Capacity: 600 lbs (272 kg) – 1-2 Person.

2016 Amundson Spark S.U.P. Boards @ Innerspace Watersports Kelowna Vernon BC

The Spark boards are the result of Amundson’s latest project that combines new and proven shapes with an exciting new construction technology focused on bringing the all the fun of SUP to a more affordable price point. These boards are fun easy shapes, perfect for sharing with family and friends for a lazy afternoon on the water. Consistent with all of John’s designs, the boards are stable and track well so they inspire new paddlers to stick with the sport and really get into the SUP lifestyle.


The moderately wide outlines of the Spark series are perfect for recreational paddling, because they offer the most stability for their size. The 10’6” is 32” wide, with a wide nose and tail, and 183 liters of volume. It packs the most stability possible into a relatively small board, so it gives you enough stability for yoga, but is still light enough to be easy to handle on and off the water.

But what really sets these boards apart from other boards in this price range is the bomb-proof Fusion-Tech molded construction, which gives them the structural integrity of our higher end boards, while saving you money in the finishing department. An EVA deck-pad covers the whole deck and rails, so it is easy on the knees, great for kids and yoga, and won’t scratch or ding due to small mishaps. The rails are then covered with a 3” wide Gator Skin strip to resist damage from paddles and parking lots. The boards feature our large Easy-Carry handle and deck inserts for stowing a life jacket or bag. This guarantees many years of carefree service, keeping you and your friends on the water all summer long.


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Ocean Kayak @ Innerspace Watersports Kelowna Vernon BC

For families and recreationally minded people with a love of the water, Ocean Kayak offers a wide range of affordable, easy-to-use craft for the pursuit of fun.

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