Avalanche Shovels

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PIEPS Avalanche Shovel Pro


PIEPS Pro – An Avalanche shovel with telescope handle and extra large blade is the perfect tool for professional mountain guides, mountain rescue teams and ski instructors. Product Info


Alugator Expert Shovel.

Mammut Alugator Expert – The best shovel ever, whose PTFE coated blade reduces friction and prevents icing. The robust and rigid design with integrated shaft receptacle in the blade makes this shovel an excellent piece of life-saving equipment. Product Info


BCA D2 Ext Shovel.

BCA D2-EXT Shovel – Inspired by modern leashless ice tools, the Dozer is the most effective hoe shovel available; with positive slip-proof grips on both the shaft and blade. Easily converts to traditional shovel. Product Info


Avalanche Air Bags  Slope Measure  Bivy Bags  Klim  M-Tech  IceRock  StriktHelmets+Goggles  Fuel CansTunnel Bags  Snowshoes  Snow Bikes  Mtn Sledder