Aquaglide – SUP-Stand Up Paddle Boards


Aquaglide Cascade Inflatable SUPInflatable SUP boards are ideally suited for travel or tight storage requirements, i.e. for the apartment dweller with limited space. The inflatable technology used in this series starts with high quality and high density drop-stitched material that is rated for pressures up to 18 Psi. reinforced with layers of PVC for extra stiffness and durability, the Cascade board also comes with a diamond groove EVA deck pad and a fin rated the stiffest interface on the market.  

2016 Aquaglide Cascade 11_thumb.

Cascade 11’0″ (Inflatable SUP) For kids & light to medium paddlers. Product Info


2016 Aquaglide Cascade 12_thumb.

Cascade 12’0″ (Inflatable SUP) Extra length and narrow touring nose for speed and stability. Product Info


Aquaglide Impulse Series – SUP boards perfect for learning or sharing with family and friends. made from a light weight EPS foam core technology, reinforced with wood stringers and hand laminated with fiberglass for stiffness and durability. The bottom is finished with an epoxy composite skin and the deck is finished with diamond-cut PE foam deck pad. Includes accessory deck inserts, molded carry handle and fin.

2016 Aquaglide Impulse 11_thumb.

Impulse 11′ (All Around Board) Perfect all-around board. For body weights up to 230 Lbs. Product Info



Impulse 12′ Touring (Touring Board) – SUP Touring board, speedy, stable and good tracking. Product Info


Aquaglide Waimea stands out as the jack of all trades in the soft top SUP category. Designed for beginner and intermediate paddlers of all sizes, the Waimea’s stiffness is forged by wrapping tow wood stringers into a 100% waterproof thermos molded EPS foam core. Two thickset layers of of fiberglass and epoxy seal the board tip to tail. The customized shape yields superior glide and tracking making it the go-to-board when enjoying time on the water with friends and family.

2016 Aquaglide Waimea 11_thumb.

Waimea 11 (All Around Board) – Light weight, thermo molded, stable board for the larger paddler. Product Info


Aquaglide Blackfoot Angler ISUP – For those serious paddlers who enjoy angling from their SUP. Features six mounting plates for Scotty accessories, front and back bungee cords; Three carry handles and front fish length ruler.

2016 Aquaglide Blackfoot 11_thumb.

Blackfoot Angler  ISUP 11′ (Angling / All Purpose Board) – For the serious SUP angler. Product Info