The ultimate weapon for total world domination!  This board shares many of the latest design features of the 12’6” TR-X2, but expands them into a longer board which increases speed, glide, and tracking ability.

The versatility John was able to create in the 14’0” enables it to excel in flat-water and downwinders yet still be stable enough to make it a great distance paddler in rough conditions.  At 28” wide with a flat bottom, this is one of the most stable 14 foot boards you’ll find.  The bow of the board has a full volume piercing nose design that transitions into a recessed standing area.  With just the right amount of rocker, the board shows blazing speed in flat-water and chop, but still cuts loose to catch swell rides with control.

Laminated with a full carbon top and bottom and a layer of high-density PVC foam in the standing area, we’ve created a board which gives us the lightest weight we feel we can stand behind; light enough for competition but durable enough to last.  The deck is left unpainted so the beauty of the carbon weave shines through.  There are four deck inserts on the fore-deck for PFD’s or gear.

14’0” x 28” x 7¼”
427cm x 71cm x 18cm
275 liters, 27 lbs. (12.3kg)
14’0 TR-X Tech Sheet

14’0 TR-X Carbon Features

Carbon Construction
Our exclusive CWS technology utilizes a full Carbon/ Kevlar bottom and wood sandwich deck for stiffness, strength and extraordinarily light weight.
Every Amundson board comes complete with a heavy duty molded handle for convenient transport.