We have found that in order to produce top race results in a variety of conditions, you must be comfortable on your board.  Expending energy just balancing on your board is wasteful and slow.  The 12’6” TR-X2 is a race-winning design that proves you don’t need specialized boards for different conditions and you don’t need to sacrifice stability for speed.

Our Bamboo Carbon Technology delivers a light and durable product with the beauty of a full bamboo deck.  The 12’6” TR-X2 comes in at 28 pounds with a carbon/kevlar bottom for stiffness and four deck inserts on the fore-deck for PFD’s or gear.

12’6” x 29” x 6¼”
381cm x 74cm x 16cm
239 liters, 28 lbs. (12.7kg).
12’6″ TR-X2 Tech Sheet

CWS Construction
Our exclusive CWS technology utilizes a full Carbon/ Kevlar bottom and wood sandwich deck for stiffness, strength and extraordinarily light weight.
Every Amundson board comes complete with a heavy duty molded handle for convenient transport.