When developing the Source boards, John found a way to make wide boards that are fun and exciting to ride.  So we took this one step further, and made the most stable board on the water.  At 34 inches wide and 250 liters, the Source 11’10” will surprise you with its ultimate stability, without feeling like an extra wide board.  It paddles smoothly through the water with little resistance and is easy to maneuver in turns.  We have fitted this model with a full EVA deckpad, so the kids and dogs have a place to hang out.  Fishermen can strap their tackle boxes and coolers down securely with nose and tail inserts.  The 11’10” can handle paddlers up to 300 pounds, or take it for a tandem cruise and double your fun.

11’10” x 34” x 5”
361cm x 86cm x 13cm
250 liters, 34 lbs. (15.5 kg)
Source 11’10″ Tech Sheet


Source 11′ 10″ Features

AST Construction
Amundson boards in the All-Around category are semi-custom built in epoxy AST construction for the best balance of light weight, stiffness, and outstanding durability.
EVA Deck Pad
Every Amundson board comes complete with a 3mm EVA deck pad professionally installed at the factory.
Every Amundson board comes complete with a heavy duty molded handle for convenient transport.