SUP boards should be fitted to your size, just like a ski or a bike.  Paddlers 150 pounds or less just don’t need a 12’6” to get the glide and speed that TR boards offer.  The 11’4” TR is perfect for lighter riders who are not interested in racing, but still want the smooth ride and improved tracking that the displacement bow provides.  The overall smaller size keeps the board weight under 27 pounds, which really helps with handling off the water.

11’4” x 29” x 4”
345cm x 74cm x 10cm
187 liters, 27 lbs. (12.3 kg)
11’4″ TR Tech Sheet

Amundson 11′ 4″ TR Features

AST Construction
Amundson boards in the All-Around category are semi-custom built in epoxy AST construction for the best balance of light weight, stiffness, and outstanding durability.
EVA Deck Pad
Every Amundson board comes complete with a 3mm EVA deck pad professionally installed at the factory.
Every Amundson board comes complete with a heavy duty molded handle for convenient transport.