The Cross 11’0” is an exciting new design that truly bridges the gap in all around boards.  Flat-water or waves, it can do it all.  Replacing our popular 11’3”, this board is wider and thicker to offer more range.  At 178 liters, it is big enough to carry most adults up to 200 pounds.  The 11’0” offers plenty of glide and stability for cruising or exploring your local bays and inlets, even if you’re new to the sport.  When playing in the surf the added nose rocker keeps you from pearling, and the three fin set-up delivers extra agility on the wave.   Grab it and go; this one fills a lot of niches.

11’0” x 30½” x 4”
335cm x 78cm x 10cm
178 liters, 26 ½ lbs. (12 kg)
Cross 11’0″ Tech Sheet


Cross 11’0″ Features

AST Construction
Amundson boards in the All-Around category are semi-custom built in epoxy AST construction for the best balance of light weight, stiffness, and outstanding durability.
EVA Deck Pad
Every Amundson board comes complete with a 3mm EVA deck pad professionally installed at the factory.
Every Amundson board comes complete with a heavy duty molded handle for convenient transport.[youtube:]